In this paper, you will write about development from an intersectional approach. You will be given free reign to explore your interests, as long as you relate your paper to the course material. If you have any concerns about your research question/thesis statement, feel free to contact the professor or the TAs for additional guidance.

Your paper should adhere to the following specifications:

1) Minimally 4,000 words, maximally 5,000 words. Not adhering to this word limit will result in being deducted by a single letter grade (e.g. from B+ to B).

2) Minimally 10 scholarly, peer-reviewed sources.

3) Please do not forget to cite all non-original sources correctly as per APA style.

4) Please DO NOT use non-scholarly sources including, but not limited to: dictionaries, encyclopedias, web-based sources that are not scholarly books or journals*, newspapers and popular magazines, etc. Points will be reduced if you do.

5) Remember that this assignment is worth 25% of your final grade.