Social Justice Assignment on Sexual Orientation

Sections of the paper: Address the following sections in your paper.
Social Justice Issue of Focus
o Identify a social justice issue, give a bit of history about it (write as if the reader doesnt know
anything about the issue, and you need to give it some history and context so the reader
understands what the issue is about),
o describe how the issue is impacting communities in Minnesota (be as specific a you can, give
examples of how people are affected),
o indicate why the topic is of interest and important to you and what you want to learn by analyzing
how nonverbal communication impacts the people and the issue.
Nonverbal Communication Dimension of Focus
o Identify a code of nonverbal communication you want to examine identify and describe the
code of nonverbal (define it, give general examples, describe the way it is usually discussed in the community you are writing about) write this section as if you are explaining the idea of nonverbal communication to someone who has never studied it before,
o Explain to the reader how the code of nonverbal communication is expressed in terms of the social justice issue you are writing about, use examples of how you have observed other people nonverbally communicating when they address the issue,
Be sure that you offer examples of the different people who are impacted by the issue for example, some people may be directly impacted while others are not, some people may have friends or family impacted while some of you may have your own personal experiences with the issue these different perspectives will help the reader to better understand how nonverbal comm is used to address the issue in the community.
Considering how people from different perspectives talk about and respond to the social issue is also a helpful way to see how nonverbal communication changes and is used differently by those impacted directly by the issue and those who are not impacted by the issue.
Making Sense of the Issue Using the Reflexive Cycle of Nonverbal Comm
o Identify and explain the Reflexive Cycle of Nonverbal Communication, write as if you are explaining
the model to someone who has never seen it before, explain the different phases and the purpose
of each one
o Apply the reflexive model to the social justice issue and try to make sense of how the code of
nonverbal communication you chose impacts the way people communicate about, respond to, and engage (or disengage) with the social justice issue in the community
Dig deep here, consider what you observe and know, think about how others might be perceiving their own nonverbal behaviors, is there any dis-connects in the communication process? How do people perceive others what filters do they assume in the process? What could be changed to increase the awareness or ability for people to engage in and discuss the social issue?
How does the Reflexive Cycle help you to look deeper into the ways we communicate about the issue? What would you like to do in the future to advance the issue be that through conversation, action, awareness, discussion, engagement, etc.?
o Offer three ways to better understand the issue and nonverbal communication after having conducted the analysis. What would you like people to know that you didnt think of before this class? What new understandings have you realize about yourself and your nonverbal behavior? What new understandings have you gained related to the social issue and those involved?
Reference list (use APA citation style!!)