Social Construction

The parameters for your response are as follows:

The response must be between 850-1150 words. Students that fall short of the required word count will receive a 10% deduction.

You must cite a minimum of 2 scholarly sources– news media articles do not count as scholarly sources, only peer reviewed journals, books, etc.

You must cite all sources clearly and consistently, regardless of the citation style you choose be sure to keep it consistent.

You must include a works cited (not part of the word count) at the end.

You response should include considerable reflection on the pertinent course terms and concepts, failing to reference these consistently throughout will result in a deduction.
In Class and Race in America, Tsutsumi (2003) explains that, “(s)ocial stratification is related to different positions in social structure and the fact that these different positions receive different rewards” (p.3).

Define social construction and explain the social construction of difference of one of your categories of identity (race, class, gender). Explain how that same category of identity has either granted or hindered your access to social rewards/resources (power, privilege, wealth, education, freedom from discrimination, etc.). Use Class and Race in America by Tsutsumi as well as any other course resources that will help support your arguments.