‘Should we allow people to be compensated for living organ donations”

The point of these papers is to challenge you to explore both sides of the issue. A reader of your paper should not have any idea of what your personal view is on the topic. You should discuss and expound upon arguments for both sides of the issue, while avoiding any appearance of bias. You should select, and will be graded based on your presentation of, strong arguments for both sides. Your paper should be between 6-10 pages long (not counting your works cited pages).SINGLE SPACED

Your paper must provide citations for the arguments you present, and include a works cited/bibliography section in your paper. At a minimum, your paper should contain 8 references other than the required or assigned course materials (Taking Sides: Clashing Views on Bioethical Issues; The Language of God; The Immortal Life on Henrietta Lacks, any additional PDFs or links to articles provided by the instructor). While you may cite the course materials, papers that cite them frequently will not receive good scores.

Your paper should be written in Microsoft Word, saved as a .docx or .doc file, and formatted as follows:

One-inch margins on all sides
Twelve (12) point serifed font (this document uses Times New Roman, a serifed font)
Line-spacing set to single
Paragraphs separated by a single, blank line (do not additional extra spacing before or after paragraphs)
You should select references that have been published in academic journals or in books from academic presses (for instance, the University of Chicago Press, Elsevier, etc.) You may, if warranted, reference news articles or opinion pieces published in major daily newspapers or weekly news magazines. However, these should constitute only a small portion (1-2) of your references. Websites should not be used as references. Any exceptions to this rule must be approved in advance by the instructor. References should be cited following the American Medical Association (AMA) Style Guide. The following page hosts a useful synopsis of the AMA Style Guide: http://library.nymc.edu/informatics/amastyle.cfm (Links to an external site.).

You must upload PDFs of all the references you cite (except for course materials these do not need to be uploaded). For articles published in journals or periodicals, you must upload the entire article. If you cite a book, you should upload only the chapter that contains the pages you cite. (You may need to scan the chapter pages if so, please scan them as PDFs.) Please upload a single file containing all of your references. You may either compress your PDFs into a single .zip file, or use the Combine Files into a Single PDF function within Adobe Acrobat. Links to articles are not acceptable you must provide PDFs.