Should the Endangered Species act be done away with? (is it really working)

In scientific writing, researchers interpret and draw conclusions based on the research literature from scientific articles. The advantage of this literature is that it is rather objective, unbiased, and in many cases, provides directions for practical applications. For this assignment, you are asked to write a research paper based on the scientific literature. Specifically, you will synthesize research from the scientific literature, and draw conclusions based on your research. Before considering your opinion, it is important to conduct some research so that you are well-informed on both sides of the controversy. Be sure to thoroughly explain three arguments to support your stance regarding the heavily debated situation. Make sure to highlight your three arguments and theory by providing bold subheadings, followed by the literature, along with two peer-reviewed journal article sources. APA or MLA style of writing will suffice. Include citations and a Reference/Works Cited page.
You will need to include, at minimum, 2 examples of empirical and quantitative analysis, with explicit graphs or charts, labeled with appropriate citations, and an explanation, in YOUR OWN WORDS, of the results and how they impact/support you argument.
Do not just cut and paste from sources, this will need to be a detailed analysis showing your understanding of the results of an empirical finding and how these findings might correlate or add validity to your argument.