Should recent high school graduates defer college for one year? Why or why not?

W3 Assignment:

1. Read the Writing and Formatting Your Essay document attached to this folder.

2. Review the Essay Grading Guidelines/Basic Rubric documents attached to this folder.

3. Write a four paragraph essay based on the thesis and topic sentences you submitted for the W1 and W2 assignments. If you want or need to change your thesis or topic sentence after reviewing the feedback you were given on your W2 assignment, you may do so. However, you must write on the assigned topic about deferring college.

4. Include the following:

Title for the essay
Introductory paragraph that ends in an underlined thesis statement
Two body paragraphs that each begin with an underlined topic sentence.
A conclusion
A Reference or Works Cited listing.*
5. Save the document as a Word file with the following file name: YourLastName W3

6. Upload your assignment to the Dropbox in the W3 folder

* References note:

Use a minimum of 2 authoritative, credible online sources to support your argument, and cite at least 1 source in each body paragraph. Each quote should be introduced in the text with a signal phrase: let the reader know in advance whom you are quoting and the context of the source. All sources should be correctly cited in the text using parenthetical citations where needed, and each source should be included in a Works Cited (MLA) section at the end of the document, following guidelines consistently. Do not cite sources in the body of the essay with Internet addresses (URLs), nor only use a URL for the reference at the end of the document.