Should community college tuition be free to the citizens of Robeson County?

Annotated List of Sources
o In order to critically think about your communitys issue/problem, you will need to
do research on it. Find 5 reliable and strong sources discussing your topic.
These sources do not all necessarily have to be specifically about your community,
but they should address the topic you have selected and at least one source
included should be an interview with a community member/leader involved in
or affected by the issue you are discussing.
For instance, if you choose to research health care access in your
community, you will need a source providing statistics about how many
people in your community have health insurance, or how the cost of
insurance in your community compares to the national average, but a few of
your sources may address health care access in the U.S. more generally.
o Once youve found your sources, you will cite them in MLA format using the
template provided in Moodle and write a 5-6 sentence paragraph about each
in order to summarize the source. In your summaries, include each of these
Summarize the source.
Evaluate the sources credibility (explain why it is reliable, focusing on the
author and publisher of the piece).
Discuss how the source can be used in your final project.
Source Requirements:
o The sources you use must be mature, college-level sources. Your best option is to
search for peer-reviewed journal articles via Sources like
encyclopedias (including Wikipedia) are too basic for this project. Other sources
could be reliable news articles or websites ending in .org, .edu, or .gov.
o At least one of your sources should be a personal interview with a community
member or leader. For instance, if you are discussing health care, interviewing a
local hospital administrator or a doctor at a local hospital would work for this
Grading: This