Should Affirmative Action policies still be enforced in our society?

Every paper will be scanned by TurnitIn (embedded in the assignment link in Canvas) and any papers containing any amount of plagiarism will not be graded and will be scored as a zero. Any research papers that contain more than 15% similarity to another published or student-submitted work will also not be accepted. The paper would receive a zero if the originality report reflects a greater than 15% similarity to another individuals work.

Plagiarism refers to the copying of anothers work without proper citations. It could be a word-for-word copy or even paraphrasing ideas of another person without citing the source. No amount of plagiarism is accepted in the paper.

The similarity score is a measure of how much of your paper is copied from other sources, either directly or indirectly. I want your paper to reflect your opinions and not just be quoted material from other sources. Keep your quoted material to a minimum and use it to support your ideas. The similarity score must be under 15% so if your score exceeds that, you must revise the paper to get it lower.

The assignment link in Canvas will be open for the submission of research papers on the first day of class and it will remain open until the deadline for submission. Students may upload their papers an unlimited amount of times to check for the plagiarism and similarity scores. You will be able to view the report from TurnitIn by opening the report in the assignment link. Please read that report and make any necessary revisions to the paper prior to the deadline. Once the deadline closes, papers cannot be revised.

Late papers will not be accepted and papers will not be graded unless they are uploaded in Canvas. THERE WILL BE NO EXCEPTIONS.

TOPIC (Choose one topic only):

1) Would the Civil Rights Movement have been successful without the leadership of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.?


2) Should Affirmative Action policies still be enforced in our society?

The research paper needs to be 5-7 pages, typed and double-spaced. The paper must be written in MLA style, with proper reference citations in the text and on a separate Works Cited page. You must use a minimum of three sources and Wikipedia cannot be used as a reference citation.

The research paper cannot be revised for a higher grade. The paper will not be graded prior to the submission due date.