Short Critical Reflection

Write and submit a short reflection (2-3 FULL PAGES).
Be sure to make reflective and analytical responses to the readings. This means developing defensible interpretations, negotiating meanings, and drawing connections to assigned readings, concepts, or related phenomena. You are also encouraged to make connections between theory, research, and practice by drawing on your life experiences as a student, professional, and learner.
This is where you can provide resources and links that you expect your students to utilize. For example, if a student needs to get resources from the library, provide a link on how they can do this. If they need to write in a certain style like MLA or APA, link out to that resource, such as your Writing Center or Purdue OWL.

Criteria for Success
Please understand that a reflective essay is NOT a summary! When writing about a topic or a theme from the book, class lectures, or discussions, frame your paper in terms of: a) how it relates to course objectives; b) how the topic has helped shape your own understanding. In your written essays, avoid repeating and/or restating material from the assigned readings.

Assigned Readings are attached.