Ship Construction (Bulk Carrier)

1. Subdivision and watertight integrity:

– The purpose of transverse bulkheads, the construction of a watertight bulkhead, its attachment to sides, deck and tank top and how water-tightness is maintained where bulkheads are pierced by pipes, frames and doorways.
– Distinguish between watertight, non-watertight, collision and oil tight or tank bulkheads.

Define margin line, bulkhead deck and weathertight.

– Requirements regarding:

*The positioning and heights of bulkheads in respect of forepeak, after peak, engine spaces and length.
*Penetrations of the collision bulkhead.
*The closing of watertight doors.
*The position of hinged watertight doors, side scuttles above the deepest subdivision load line.
*Drills, inspections and tests of watertight doors, side scuttles, valves and other closing mechanisms.

– Maintenance of water tightness below the tank top in line with the bulkhead.

– Testing of bulkheads for tightness.

– Purpose of wash bulkheads in deep tanks.

– Internal stresses resulting from the cargo and external stresses in a seaway.

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