Reflection Papers: 20% (20 points=Two at 10 points each)

Each student is required to submit two reflection papers over the course of the semester. Each
reflection paper should be 3-5 pages in length and double-spaced. The purpose of these papers is to, as the name suggests, reflect on issues, themes, insights you have identified, gained, and/or become sensitive to as a result of the reading assignments and online discussions. These papers should also serve as a venue in which to raise questions, concerns, and suggestions for future research. The topic of your reflection papers may be stimulated by something you have read, observed, and or heard both inside and outside of the class. The format of the reflection papers should be as follows: (1) identify the stimulus; (2) discuss the main issues of the stimulus that will be discussed; (3) describe your reaction to the stimulus; and (4) describe how the stimulus has impacted you. The intent is for you to critically examine the issues of the course and see how they complement, contradict, or expand your current thinking. These papers should be written using APA 7th edition format and include a title page, body and reference page. Although they are reflection papers, cite sources appropriately.