Septicemia teaching

imagine you are going to teach about the anatomy and physiology of septicemia disease to a combined a combined class of 6th and 7th grade students, you are teaching normal structure and function to the student, You have 30 minutes to teach the class with 5 minutes for questions.

1- You will create your class by:
a. Developing at least 3 and no more than 5 objectives for the class
See below for two helpful websites that will help write the objectives; use the cognitive domain verbs. Only one verb should be used per objective. Refer to the objectives from your current and past courses to get a sense of how objectives can be written.

Bloom’s Taxonomy

A Model of Learning Objectives

b. Searching the internet to find a video (from YouTube or elsewhere) to show during the class (remember, you only have 25 minutes to present).

c. Designing a one page, colorful and attractive handout to leave for the students once you are done. Remember, you learned in a previous class that the average reading level for Americans is at the 8th or 9th grade level. In other words, use language that your students will understand. Pictures speak a thousand words, so use of pictures is a good thing. KISS- Keep It Simple, Students!

2 Post your objectives and the URL and title of the video in the body of your discussion forum. Give a very brief summary of the video and explain why you picked it, specifically, over other videos on the topic.

3 Post your education handout as a reply to your post in the body of that reply (no attachments).
4 Remember to cite all sources correctly, using APA format and provide a reference list.