Scope the analysis so that it is thorough and meets the length requirement. Do not just submit 4 pages on liquidity and say that you are done.

Please post to this forum by creating a new thread and submitting your company selection for the individual project. The criteria are as follows:
The company must be a U.S., European or Asian public firm
You must have easy access to the financial statement of the firm
There is not company duplication allowed – once a firm has been selected it is off the table for all other students
Let me know if you have any questions
Note: the project announcement is below for your reference
Good morning everyone –

It is about that time when you should be thinking about the individual project, which is due on Wednesday August 5th. Granted, this seems like a long way off at this point but it will go by quickly.

Assignment summary:

The goal of this assignment is for each student to apply the knowledge that was attained in this class to a case study of a US public company. Each student will select a company (it can be any US public company) as the subject of the analysis. You will attain the financial information for that company in one of two ways (using the EDGAR tool on the SEC website -or- on the company website). The financial statements will be analyzed and the results will become the basis of your paper. In terms of analysis, you have two choices: 1) a broad-scoped analysis of the company financial statements applying ratios and other tools to evaluate the overall state of the company or, 2) a deep-dive analysis on one or two sections of the financial statements [for example, you may choose to evaluate only the liquidity of the company, which would involve current assets and liabilities – so you would use all of the ratios and analysis techniques we learned to fully analyze liquidity.]