School Handbook

The handbook needs to consists of details for how an after school center can be ran on a distance learning platform and consists of plans on if, and when, students/teachers return using, but not limited to CDC and education guidelines. Some examples of expectations (virtual vs face to face) that need to be addressed in the handbook:

-Pickup and dismissal procedures
-PPE requirements?
-Referral process for behavior and health and safety
-Absence reporting/Attendance requirements for employees? Students?
-Handwashing/restroom procedures
-Staff communication (How will they receive information?)
-Parent communication (How will parents receive information? How can an after school representative ensure information isnt last minute? Monthly or Weekly updates?)
-Application procedure for staff?
-Appraisals (Informal vs Formal) How will teachers be informed if any campus leader is unhappy with their performance?
-Virtual expectations and guidelines
-Active Monitoring of classes