Satirical Piece, Humorous Updraft

1. Begin with a “quiz” that highlights the difference you are going to discuss.

2. Next, phrase your thesis statement in an ironic fashion, as in the last line of paragraph 2 in Barry’s essay: “According to the article . . . .” Be sure to follow the same sentence structure, and check a handbook if you don’t know how to use dashes correctly.

3.Develop your contrast by offering at least three differences. Use different structural techniques. (You may use the same placement as in the model.) They should include at least quiz, conversation, and two sets of bullets. The second set of bullets should widen out to another sense of difference between the genders.

4) Illustrate your contrast by providing examples–look at paragraph 6 and 7. And paragraph 8. (You must have three.).

5. The model essay uses point-by-point development, and you should, too. Research online if you are unsure of the point-by-point method and the block method of comparison/contrast organization.

6. Emphasize the differences by using hyperbole throughout your paper. Minimum of 3 required. Underline where you used them.

7. Conclude your essay with a paragraph that humorously and visually/descriptively/anecdotally sums up the major points you have made.

8. End with a sentence that recalls a joke from the beginning of your essay.
Have you followed these instructions? Does your updraft have these clearly?

1.Is your thesis ironic?
2. Do you, next, have at least three differences?
3. Are your differences illustrated? Do readers see the picture of what you’re saying?
4. Where are your hyperbole?
5. Does your concluding visual summary end with a joke that hearkens back to the beginning?
6. Make sure your updraft includes these elements above, and that it’s tightly written.