Roberts, Randy. Papa Jack: Jack Johnson and the Era of White Hopes

1. Use proper grammar, punctuation and a formal tone. Avoid slang or other informal phrases.
2. Do not use first person. For example do not write, I think the book was great. Instead,
write the book was great.
3. Make sure that your paragraphs are between 4-8 sentences long.
4. Do not use contractions. For example, write do not instead of dont; cannot instead of cant;
will not instead of wont; etc.
5. Either Underline or Italicize a books title. Same for court cases.
6. Once you have used a persons first and last name, you only refer to them by their last name
throughout the rest of the paper. Do not repeatedly use titles like Mr. or Mrs. or Dr. or Judge.
7. Place punctuation inside quotation marks.
8. Spell numbers that are two words or less. For example, twenty-eight, sixty-three, twentieth
century are spelled out. Numbers like 383, 1935 remain numerical
9. Eliminate unnecessary words. For example, Caldwell shows the importance of race. This is
far better than Caldwell is able to show the importance of race.
10. Diversify your verb choice and vocabulary. Instead of Caldwell shows try using Caldwell
demonstrates or Caldwell discusses or Caldwell highlights or Caldwell chronicles
11. Do not misuse words. If you are uncertain of the meaning of wordlook it up. is a wonderful website. Use it!
12. Organize your paper in a clear, logical manner.
13. Do not use block quotes

Jack Johnson was a controversial individual, but was he worthy of respect?
After reading all of Papa Jack: Jackson and the Era of White Hopes, your assignment is to write
a essay that argues whether or not Jack Johnson was worthy of respect.

This is an argumentative paper. follow the guidelines listed above have a thesis, and support the thesis with ample supporting evidence selected solely from the reading, and properly cite all supporting evidence. Lastly, papers should focus on Johnsons adult life.