Respond to Sophia Post

As a future public health professional and the consistent changes that occur, it is important to be able to change and adapt. Assessing the strategies to cope with the challenges, I can see myself as an agent of change but will take time to build confidence. To implement advocacy, the insecurities should be worked out first. The presence of being competent can lead to the power of change. The perspectives of an organization as a leader should have the ability to look into the future. They should be aware of the organizational needs and focus on social challenges (Speer, 2017). Taking control of the situation and also being creative has been an asset I have used. The only issue is to balance the personal and emotional issues with leadership responsibilities. There is always a fear of hurting someones feelings or saying something to offend an individual. There should be time put aside to reflect on what is most important with the team and the organization (Community 2020). The application of being more directive and focusing on the facts with the team can prevent the thoughts of hurting someones feelings.