Researched position essay for ENG 111. Roundabouts Vs. 4 way stops

this is what I turned in as my “proposal” I now need 1200+ word research position essay MLA double spaced with an annotated bibliography using 5 sources

6 paraghaphs
4-in body
1- counter position

Traffic circle vs. Intersection:

Traditionally, drivers have subscribed to the belief that red means stop and green means go. I intend to open your eyes to the idea that stopping at every intersection is not only unnecessary but costs you money in fuel and car maintenance. Now before you go running all the lights in town and tell the nice police officer you will meet, I told you to do it, please read on. I have had the opportunity to live in areas with both traffic circles and stop lights. In areas with clear sight lines there is no need in a traffic circle to bring your car to a stop like the way you are required to do during a four way stop or a traffic light intersection. Many people argue that they dont know how to use a traffic circle, but have you ever stopped at a four way stop and then had to continue to sit there because the person in front of you does not know who should go first? My intention is to take the side of traffic circles being the better option.
There have been numerous studies done on the topic and I will look at places like the US department of Transportation and the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) here in the United States as well as looking for information from European countries that have used roundabouts for many years like Germany and Great Britain. I want to write about the safety aspects of traffic circles over traditional stop signs or traffic signal intersections for bot automobiles and pedestrians. I would like to explore the idea of traffic circles using less gasoline lowering our dependency on fossil fuels and being more environmentally friendly over having to stop our cars and wait for the light to turn green or pause at a four way stop. The continues ability to drive through a traffic circle creating less air and noise pollution over the breaking and acceleration of the stop and start of traditional traffic lights or stop signs. There is also the ease of construction of traffic circles over the need for infrastructure such as electric lines needed for traffic lights. Using traffic circles in lower traffic areas such as neighborhoods also give an opportunity for more community green space or display for local artists. Overall, I will put forth a convincing argument for the use of traffic circles over traditional stop signs or traffic signal intersections.