Research Project: Walmart

Apply the HR concepts involved in effective performance management systems. You will design a performance management system for an organization. Your research project will be completed in three parts (organization selection, annotated bibliography, and final project). In this module, you will complete the first part of your research project by identifying and describing an appropriate organization to use as your basis for research.

Write a short paper 2 to 3 pages in length (not including title and reference pages).
3 Annotated Bibliography

Part One of your project. Write a short paper that identifies and describes an organization you will use for your research project. Be sure to include and address the following: WALMART WILL BE MY TOPIC.

The mission and strategy of the organization.
The products or services of the organization.
The organizations internal strengths and weaknesses.
The external environment in which the organization operates (opportunities and threats).
Performance management policies and practices.