Research Project on a News Story or Piece of Art that is of Debate or Controversy

To tie together our exploration of the research process, and to provide a focus to your research project, you will pick source (e.g. a news story or piece of art, etc.) that is a source of debate or controversy (e.g. tuition-free college, equal pay for women, etc.). Since you will have to live with this topic all semester, I strongly encourage you to pick something that genuinely interests you. However, this does not mean you will just be ranting about your subjective feelings for 10-15 pages. Your research question must pertain to an objective and substantive topic for which there is reliable, peer-reviewed, scholarly research material available to you through the Colleges Library. Non-scholarly sources will not be allowed for the main research section of this essay. We will spend the early part of the semester talking about potential research topics and how to break them down into a manageable project that you can complete within the term.

All essays will be 10-15 pages long and consist of the following:

a title page that offers the identifying information required of an APA paper in proper formatting
a summary of your chosen news article or piece of art/media that offers a description, explanation, and the salient points raised in your chosen source that raise the question motivating your research.
a literature review that presents information about the historical and/or cultural aspect(s) of your topic relevant to your research question. When did this discussion start? What have the major arguments been from various sides of the debate? How has the debate altered over time?
an analysis and discussion section in which you apply your research to answer the question you raised in the introduction.
a conclusion that re-presents your thesis, summarizes your points and, perhaps, offers an informed and objective opinion about the status or future of your topic in public policy, social views, individual behavior or other relevant area.
a References page listing your sources in APA format

**The title page and references page are not included in your total page count**