research Josef Albers and the development of his groundbreaking theory on the interaction of color and his work as a member of the Bauhaus Movement.

10-page research. Times news roman, 12pt. size, double-spaced. MLA in-text citation and bibliography
The paper should include:
1. Josef Albers’ biography
2. Bauhaus movement
3. Albers’ time at the Staatliches Bauhaus institution
4. Albers’s fruit bowl invention
5. Albers’ time at Black Mountain College
6. Albers’ time at Yale
7. His development of interaction of color and his publication of the book
8. Critics of the book

Recommended source:
– Bauhaus. Magdalena Drote Droste, Taschen Gmbott, 2015.
– Bauhaus: 1919-1933. Barry Bergdoll and Leah Dickerman, Museum of Modern Art, New York, 2009.
– 50 Bauhaus Icons You Should Know. Josef Strausser, Prestel Publishing, 2009.
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