Research August Wilson and The Pittsburgh Cycle of plays.

Prompt (what you are writing about):
Who is August Wilson and how is society reflected in his Pittsburgh Cycle of Plays?

Instructions (How to get it done):

Research August Wilson and The Pittsburgh Cycle of plays.

You must have at least two outside sources that are academic and reliable.

Create an essay that is at least two pages and relates the following information:
o An understanding of who playwright August Wilson is
o How society is reflected in Wilsons Pittsburgh Cycle of plays

This is a research essay and not an argumentative essay.

Include direct quotes and paraphrases from your researched information only as needed.

Be sure that you have in text citations and corresponding reference citations for all quoted
material, paraphrased material, and newly researched material.

Length and format: at least 2 pages.

The title page and reference page are also required, but they should not be factored into the 2
page length of the essay.

Essay should conform to APA formatting and citation style.

Use the third-person, objective voice, avoiding personal pronouns such as I, you, we, etc.

Please use the above source and at least two outside sources to create a properly-formatted
APA reference page.

Use APA format for in-text citations and references when using outside sources and textual

Please be cautious about plagiarism. Make sure to use in-text citations for direct quotes,
paraphrases, and new information.

Source: Fences by August Wilson (pages 1270-1331)