Relationship between Genesis 1-11 & Origins

Notes pages 160-200.
2000 words (maximum).

Describe and Defend your view of the relationship between Genesis 1-11 and the origin of the universe and life.
Outline the hermeneutical principles that you find are critical for understanding Genesis 1-11. State your view of origins and in particular your view of human origins. Close the paper with your view on whether or not Adam was a real person in history and how this relates to your theodicy.

(1) The central purpose of these papers is for YOU to develop YOUR views on the relationship between science & religion.
(2) In writing these papers, USE the ideas found in the Class Notes, Class Handouts & Class Audio-Slides, and in doing so DEMONSTRATE to me that you grasp these concepts.
(3) After describing your views, always defend themthat is, give me reasons why you believe in your view.
(4) Always RESPECT the Maximum Word Limit for each paper.
(5) Use Endnotes for citations & use the Chicago Manual of Style to format the Endnotes.