Registration of ESA

Write a 4-6 page proposal essay using your topic.

MLA or APA format but be consistent (no abstract page needed for APA)
use at least 5 credible sources published in the last 5 years
make sure to include all pieces of a proposal
due on the last day of classes, July 16 at 11:59pm
Pretend you are going to present your proposal to some government officials and let them know of your plan. Since it’s going to be virtual, use to record yourself giving the presentation. You don’t have to show your face unless you want to and use the free version.

4-6 minutes (I will cut off at 6 minutes)
Create a PowerPoint, Prezi, or Google Slides (instructions to make these are in Presentation folder); be creative!
include research
Make sure to discuss all aspects of a proposal (problem, evidence of problem, solution, benefits of solution, opposition/refutation)
see rubric for what I will look for during presentation
put the link to the loom presentation as your submission