Recent White-Collar Crime Case Commentary

Required Text:
Van Slyke, Shanna R., Michael L. Benson, and Francis T. Cullen. 2016. The Oxford Handbook of White-Collar Crime. Oxford University Press.
Johnston, Michael. 2014. Corruption, Contention and Reform: The Power of Deep Democratization. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

Each student is expected to review/evaluate a recent white-collar crime case based on its nature, damage to individuals/society, outcomes of the crime (for both offenders and victims), and impacts of this crime to society and social policies. It is recommended to google a criminal incident of your interest and try to understand it from media reports and published articles for details of the incident. You will write a persuasive paper as a white-collar professional to pursue the attention of public officials and the general public for better control of similar future incidents from what you have learned in this course. In your commentary, not only should you criticize how the incident was handled, you should provide professional opinions on how to improve the control of similar crimes in the future (which should be reasonable and workable from the readers perspective). You may examine the crimes origins, social context, key organizational environment, and culture that may promote or be related to its development in the society.

The length of this assignment should be no more than 5 pages in the main text (3 to 5 pages). Please use the same format required for the Final Project.

Examples of recent white-collar crimes:

Police brutality
Practice of
Bernie Madoff’s Ponzi scheme
Nissan’s former CEO Carlos Ghosn’s financial crime and being a financial fugitive
Foundations that commit illegal donations and spending
Credit Suisse used trading software to rip off its customers
Price-gauging in pharmaceutical industries
SEC charges ex-Nomura traders with lying about the bond price
Posing as federal agents in phone scams
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Please DO NOT Copy-Paste from what you read somewhere. The assignment is examined by the SafeAssign Plagiarism test.

Exam’s format should be APA format (including references/citations), 12-point Times New Roman format, double-spaced. Please adopt ONLY ‘Microsoft Words’ or ‘Mac Pages’ software for the assignment. Also, you could submit up to 2 attempts but only the last one will be graded.