Reading Questions for Descartes Meditation

Meditation Five

1. In Meditation Five, Descartes give us an ontological argument for the existence of God; namely; God is not a deceiver. Why do you think that it is necessary for Descartes to establish that God is not a deceiver?

2. According to Descartes, What do knowledge and truth dependent on?

Meditation Six
1. In Meditation Six, Descartes give us a second argument for his dualism. He makes the distinction between and thinking thing and an extended thing. How does the thinking thing differ from the extending thing? (We talk about this in class)

2. Does Descartes believe that he is intimately joined with his body? And if so why?

3. What does Descartes liken the body too?

4. If the mind and body interact where does this take place according to Descartes?