Racism and prejudice against black people

Organization- Follow these directions for writing your argument.
State your topic (issue) clearly and concisely explain it. Then highlight both sides of the argument and identify the key players. For example, use a statement such as The people who support this are ____________ and they think it is beneficial because ___________. Those who oppose it are ________ and they feel that________.

Body Paragraphs
Argue your side of the issue. Use the 3 reasons in your thesis to do this, explaining reason-by reason how your suggestions and solutions for the issue are more beneficial/effective that your opponents. Each of your 3 reasons serves as a mini-argument and should be argued thoroughly and logically. Use outside sources to support your claims. To support yourself, bring in statistics, published personal commentary/editorials, newspapers, magazine articles, government policies, official documentation, personal insight, news reports, other essays, etc. Put your arguments in separate paragraphs.
Be sure to concede (if applicable) that your opposition has some valid and logical points. State these specifically, and discuss why each is worthy. Then rebut each of them with stronger counter arguments in your favor. Explain point by point how your position is more justifiable and more preferable. Cite outside sources to support your ideas and allegations.
Be sure to acknowledge (if applicable) the flaws and faults of your side of the issue. Explain how the stronger points of your argument outweigh the weaker points.
Restate your thesis (but fuller and juicier). Wrap up your 3 good reasons and drive home your position by repeating its overall successful outlook. Wrap-up your oppositions good points, but then criticize its more prevalent weak point and weaker overall argument. Leave your reader with a further thought about how your position is the best.
A Note About Evidence/Sources
Our librarians are excellent and will help you find information— especially if you give yourself plenty of time to complete the work. You can find articles or academic essays to back up your point, but you can also use interviews, the Sacramento Bee, Sacramento News and Review, school

district websites, etc. You can use YouTube videos, billboards, city reports, personal interviews local store signage/signage, etc.
*Papers must be typed in MLA format, with 1-inch margins, 12 point font, and double spacing
Works Cited
Proper Heading
You are to use at least 3/4 sources in your paper and cite them
using MLA documentation.
Interesting title
4/5 pages
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