Race and Ethnicity

You need to connect the major ideas from outside materials and current events, use the sociological imagination to consider the influence of race and ethnicity in daily life, and analyze the interactions between race and social institutions.

Your research paper will need to include the following:
Topic on paper: (racial profiling) -The government allows the law enforcement to use racial profiling which is an ineffective strategy. This is offensive towards the citizens and it allows them to be racist and have social bias. Should this be brought forward?

An introduction to your topic, including a clear thesis statement explaining your stance on the topic.
This should be approximately one page long.
The development of three to four major points that support your thesis.
You will support these points with specific examples from your research, relevant discussion, and thoughtful reflection. Each point should be developed using three to five paragraphs, which should take up at least one page.
Research from at least 10 outside sources.
These may include books, journal articles, newspaper articles, and websites. However, only three sources may come from websites, and those need to be reputablenot just opinion blogs.
Sociological application.
You will describe which theories from the book best apply to your topic and why. This should be approximately one page long.
Reflection and analysis.
In this portion of the paper, you will describe why your topic is important. What does it say about race and ethnic relations in the society you discussed? What does it suggest for the future? Do you have any recommendations for public policy based on your research? This should be approximately one page long.
Your paper will be graded with the rubric below. Please use the rubric as a tool to guide your writing process.