Puerto Rico and Hurricane Recovery in Comparison to Recovery in the states of Texas,Florida and Louisi

Taking a look at existing research from scholarly literature, the best practices approach will be used to compare and the recovery of Puerto Rico after natural disasters vs that of the states of Texas,Florida and Louisiana. This literature review will be used to conduct a meta-analysis that will analyze the research and develop recommendations that will improve the future outcomes of disaster relief in Puerto Rico. Who has has better outcomes in their recovery. How quickly did the federal government respond to the states vs Puerto Rico and what were the results? Why is it the government in Puerto Rico didn’t get the response from the federal government needed. Issues surrounding the arrival of supplies.
Being Puerto Rico is not a state misses out on a lot of federal government services give examples and why, history. How did Puerto Rico become part of America, its statehood. Why and why not a regular state.

This is to be a through literature review being it is part of a Public Administration Capstone Project. I will attach some literature to be used.

This the book used for the course: Jay M. Shafritzand Albert C. Hyde, Classics of Public Administration, Fifth Editionor newer.