Public Speaking Speech

Think about a speech that you would like to present on a topic of your choice.
The speech can be for any context and any length. See the list of example speech occasions and purposes for inspiration.
Download and answer each question in the Unit 1 Touchstone Template based on the speech you are thinking of: Touchstone1Template.doc
Consider your audience, purpose, and thesis. Answer each of the questions related to audience, purpose, and thesis. Answer in detail, using complete sentences.
Review the rubric to ensure that you understand how you will be evaluated. Contact a Sophia learning coach with any questions.
Review the checklist and requirements to ensure that your Touchstone is complete.
Submit your completed Unit 1 Touchstone Template on Sophia
NOTE: Units 3 and 4 both require a persuasive speech topic. If you select a persuasive topic in this unit, you will have the opportunity to build and improve on the same speech throughout the course