Public Health Leadership

A critical evaluation of leadership style/s and ability to act as a strategic leader within the context of an organisation.

The organisation chosen can be a Health Maintenance Organization or Health-related not-for-profit (Non- Governmental Organisation), or any government health institution. The paper should be based on public health practice and highlight personal learning.
Evidence to support advancement in practice could take the form of documents, evidence of decision making, meeting notes, evidence of collaboration, development of guideline/protocols, copies of correspondence or appropriate reports. (Please note confidentiality must be protected). It should reflect past, present or future practice development in which you are undertaking a leadership role.

A brief description of the practice setting (practice setting should be described but not identified. Confidentiality of the setting and individuals within it must be protected).

A critical discussion of the advancement in practice and/or personal development with reference to relevant literature

A critical discussion of leadership styles in relation to the leaders role and influence on the project.

A critical discussion of the evaluation (prospective or retrospective) of project outcomes.

The word limit for Part 2 is 4,000 words exclusive of the reference list and appendices.