In this unit, the focus is magnetism. Your task for this project is to choose a topic related to magnetism or another topic related to the concepts you have studied so far in class (but you must receive approval before you begin working), and then create something that demonstrates your understanding of that concept. Before starting this project, please use the Ask for Help box to send me a message outlining your plan for this project; this will allow me to give you feedback and direction regarding your project choice. If you turn this assignment in before receiving approval for your project choice, you may receive up to a 25% deduction on your assignment grade.

Focus ideas (to get you started):
Magnetic fields (for example, relate to compass use or aurora borealis)
History of magnetism

Story: Present unit concepts in fictional setting or personify objects to teach concepts; make sure that the focus is on teaching the concept(s) you choose. 550 words minimum. (MLA format should be used for story layout and citing sources, as needed.)