Programming Project

Review the list of simple program requirements below this item.
Pick one of the simple Scratch/Snap programs to implement.
Keep it simple…
Create a simple Pitch (PP1-Pitch) of what is need to implement that program.
Describe your planned program as to someone that might be interested in investing in its development.
In a 3 to 5 sentences what is your program and what makes it different than other programs.
Document your plan using Pitch Section of the Project Plan Document Template.
Create a simple Design (PP1-Design) of how you will implement that program.
Details of the Program – Program Scope
What input is needed by the program?
How does the program process the data?
What output does the program produce?
Program Algorithm
Write out the steps needed to implement your program?
What kind of Scratch/Snap blocks do you need to get your program to work?
Create an algorithm for your program using pseudo-code or flow chart.
Other Important Program Design Information
How do you start the program and does it need any input from the user?
What is the output of your program, how do you know when it is done?
Does you program need to calculate anything to produce the output?
Does you program store any data to make the program work.
How are you going to test the program to prove that it works?
Update your Project Plan Document by adding your Design information to the Design Section of the document.
Implement your simple Design (PP1-Code) in Scratch or SNAP!.
Pick and document your programming language [Scratch or SNAP!]
Translate your algorithm steps into programming code?
Code the steps to get your input data, run your necessary calculations and display your output.
Implement your user interface to make it easy and understandable to the user.
Be sure to document your code appropriately.
Thoroughly Test your program to make sure it works.
Get screen shots of your code and the resulting output to prove your code work!
Update your Project Plan Document by adding your Code information to the Code Section of the document.

above is the link I am trying to implement. I think also where it needs to be created on your own, but I cant seem to figure out how.
I have attached my work already, but feel free to add in information for it be correct.

I will tip very well for who ever helps me!!!