Professional Development and Growth

Your practicum experience has given you opportunities to grow as a scholar and a practitioner. As you may have discovered through interactions with your mentor and other staff at the practicum site, ongoing professional development is an integral part of your work as a public health professional. As you begin to think about the next steps after graduation and as you advance in your public health career, consider the following:

What professional development opportunities exist for you within public health?
What benefits do you receive from professional development? Be specific; cite statistics and references.
How does professional development help you address the issues of inequality, cultural competency, and analyze interrelationships among systems that influence the quality of life in communities?
Response Guidelines

Respond to posts that have had few responses thus far.

Refer to the Faculty Expectations for Response Guidelines.

Read the posts of your peers and respond. As you formulate your responses, consider the following:

What causes public health professionals not to seek professional development?
How do we identify these causes and encourage professional development for our workforce?
How do we develop or sustain organizational systems that support or enhance positive professional development?
What are some other areas of opportunity for professional development not identified by your peer?
Learning Components

This activity will help you achieve the following learning components:

Discuss the role played in understanding the formal and informal networks, organizations, systems, and procedures.
Describe contributions to foster good relationships with the community partners or stakeholders and identify and leverage existing institutional relationships.
Discuss potential needs for repairing relationships and rebuilding trust after negative experiences.
Describe how community residents’ ideas about how they would measure success were incorporated.
Describe the approach to measure the impact of the community involvement on positive health outcomes.