Product Alignment and Brand Messaging

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Walt Disney created the Disney brand from humble beginnings based on his love of drawing and animation. No brand monetizes content better than the Walt Disney Company and has since expanded into a global entertainment and media brand, and recently, has a new leader at the helm.

Simulated Business Scenario

Gabriel is the executive in charge of who developed Disneys customer-for-life concept which is based on the notion that as the child grows, Disney hopes to have then gained two brand loyalists: the parents and the child.

The new CEO asked Gabriel to head up the new Disney+ media brand. The CEO wants Gabriel to create a report which analyzes future marketing of the new Disney+ brand. You are on Gabriels team and he called a series of meetings to brainstorm the following items:

–> Who are the current Disney+ target market(s) and what is the attractiveness to the brand?
–> How can the brand select new markets to serve?
–> How can Disney+ differentiate itself and all its franchises from competing rivals in the marketplace?
–> How can it expect to change and grow with their customers over time?
–> Can Disney+ be a loss leader to get more customers into its other monetization channels?

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Use references to support your thoughts, ideas & opinions!