Process and Planning activity

Describe the product, project or company in detail:

What is the name of the company?
What is the purpose of this project?
Who is affected by this project?
Include any drawings, supplemental information, etc. to further detail your project.

Project Goals instructions
State marketing objectives in terms of sales volume, market share, return on investment goals, etc. Most businesses pursue many objectives simultaneously, including profitability goals, sales growth goals, market share improvements, risk containment, etc. Objectives should be quantitative and objective and clearly stated.
Objectives should be:
The objectives should be specific and measurable (e.g., increase share from 25% to 30% within one year).
Arranged hierarchically from the most to the least important, from broad objectives to specific objectives for specific departments or individuals.
Stated quantitatively whenever possible. For example, instead of saying the objective is to increase rate of return on investment, state the objective as increase rate of return on investment from 5% to 10% within 2 years.
Realistic, arising from an analysis of the businesss strengths and weaknesses, not from wishful thinking.