Process and Planning activity 2

You will submit your executive summary early in the course. We do this for several reasons: Writing the Executive Summary first will assist you with articulating your rationale, outlining and develop different elements of your project in the form of an action plan, and provides you with a foundation for the rest of your project and presentation.

Senior management and stakeholders often have many plans to review. An executive summary should engage their interests and inform them about your project/plan. This section is an abstract or summary of the projects present status and future direction.

Executive Summary should be no more no more than double spaced 1-2 pages.
The first draft of this section provides a working outline for you as you write, but the final version is completed AFTER all the other sections are finished.
Topics that should be included in the Executive Summary are:
1. Company, product or project name
2. The primary target market
3. Description of the product/project (e.g., the company description summarizes the history of the company, what does it produce, and why is this company or project unique.)
4. Where the company/project is now (e.g., situation)
5. Where the project intends to be (e.g., sales and marketing goals, measurable project objectives)
6. Conclusion and plan for how to get there (e.g., management team, strategy and programs).

Important: please follow all of the bullet points.
attached you will find process and planning activity 1