Pretty woman

A pretty woman is a romantic comedy movie starring Julia Roberts as Vivian Ward and Richard Gere as Edward Lewis. relating to chapters 1 and 2 ( social psychology and spotlights and illusions). Edward believes that to be conveyed as a successful businessman he must show up with a woman. Edwards believed because of social thinking and social influences. for Vivian when she went shopping she was judged by her appearance by the sale girl. Vivian compared herself to women dressed in Beverly Hills because she felt the spotlight and illusion by another woman. Your paper will make use of two sources. The first source is your textbook itself. You will select at least TWO SOCIAL PSYCHOLOGY concepts /topics from at least TWO DIFFERENT chapters to focus on in your paper.

The second source is an article from a refereed (peer-reviewed) journal (an American Psychological Association journal published within the last seven years) that addresses one of the social-psychological concepts or topics relevant to your chosen movie. You will want to find an article that is research (data-driven) based and which uses the experimental or correlational method or reviews of literature. If you choose an article that is research-based, it must have the traditional sections associated with a research study (abstract, introduction (literature review), methods, results, discussion, and references). If you are not sure, check with your instructor. In addition, you cannot use popular magazines or websites for this assignment.
In discussing information from your text, you must reference the appropriate chapters, identify and define each relevant concept, and explain why the social psychological concepts you focus on are relevant to your chosen movie. You will be expected to use specific examples of how the concepts will be relevant to your movie. For example, merely saying a concept is important is not sufficient.

For the journal article, you will be integrating the article and its content into your paper to highlight its significance to your chosen social psychological phenomena rather than merely citing it. You will be using the journal article to discuss its relationship with one of the concepts or topics you have selected as important in your movie. Note that you will be discussing the article and the implication of its findings for your social psychological concept in some detail, not merely mentioning it in passing.