Population and Environment

Follow the specific instructions below. Please do not write a generic paper. Instead, divide your project into three specific sections that clearly, concisely answer the following questions.

Section I – Introduction (1 point)
Introduce your problem, describe the major/relevant issues, and identify your research questions.

What are you researching?
What are the major/relevant themes/issues mentioned in what youve found?
Why are you choosing to focus on it in this course?
What are the 3 questions you used to guide your research?
Section II – Annotations (7 sources total)
Cite and annotate (make notes about) seven research sources. List the source (author, date, title, journal, publisher, and URL if its a website), then answer the following questions about each source:

What is the source about, or what is the authors point?
How does this specific source contribute to your research? What did you learn from it?
Minimum Requirements: > 7 images total, at least 2 must be maps or graphics representing spatial relationships.

Section III – Interpretation and Conclusion (1.5 Points)
Finally, summarize what all of these sources say about your problem. Try to use examples, analogies, etc. directed at these questions:

Having completed your research, what have you learned?
What does what youve learned have to do with themes, concepts, or issues weve covered in a class?
What claims can you make about your problem and Population, Consumption, and the Environment more generally?
Minimum Requirements: At least 1 graphic with a complete, well-written interpretation/conclusion.

What I have right now are sections 1 and 3 sources of section 2.
What I need is 4 sources of section 2 and section 3.
To make sure that each source has 150 – 200 words. section 3 has around 200 words
The files are what I have now and the sample of section 3.
Please give me the word file with the link of pictures.