political philosophy

Answer the following question in about three or four double-spaced pages. You will need to include at least two or three brief quotes of one or two sentences from the Writings of philosophers themselves as found in the text (see syllabus). The only citation needed for these quotes should be (Text, p. –). Quotations from outside sources can be used in addition to (but not in place of) quotes from the text, and need to be fully and formally cited (in any recognized format you choose). There will be serious penalties for using un-cited outside sources as this constitutes a type of plagiarism. (See syllabus). Your grade will also depend in part on your own personal commentary throughout the paper. If you prefer, you may write this paper in the “first person.”

Write a three or four page double-spaced paper on the following topic:


In your opinion, what were the advantages of Western style Democratic Republics (such as those in the U.S., Europe, and Australia) that allowed them to defeat the Totalitarian regimes of the Fascists/Nazis in 1945, and to win the “Cold War” against the communist bloc in 1991? What are some of the features of each of these societies (including those of “everyday living”) that might entice an individual to become a part of either type of society? What are some of the aspects of both that you believe would repel a person from being a member of each type of society?