political mistreatment

Individually, you will prepare a presentation, with six sources, that highlights the resources and most important information regarding your proposed contemporary problem/issue(s).

Place the “Works Cited” for the six sources on the last PPT slide, follow MLA or APA Documentation rules to the absolute letter;


1. Vary the types of sources you use.

2. At least four of your resources must be found using either the CCC databases or the “Find A Source” tool in Pearson Writer.

3. You may certainly use library databases and the online versions of print newspapers, journals, etc.

4. Indeed, you may also use journals and newspapers that are born-digital or have no printed counterpart.

5. Also, as is the case in most courses, you may not use Wikipedia as one of the six sources).

6. You may use books, magazines, journals, newspapers, online databases, films, professional interviews, audio recordings, letters, maps, brochures, graphs, charts, etc.

7. You can also use the essays in the textbook and the novel as sources.

Note: While this presentation is not an essay (you should not write an essay and paste it into PPT slides; this is a presentation assignment), you do need to demonstrate that you have reviewed the information available; asked questions; thought critically; created a thesis; presented evidence that supports your thesis; and, makes some conclusions about your chosen topic.

In order to complete the Argumentative Research Paper Presentation w/Six Sources you will need to use PowerPoint, Google Slides, Storyboarding or Keynote.

1. If you are using MS PowerPoint, then the file extension should be “.pptx”;

2. If you are using Google Slides, then you should “export” the file to PDF (I do not endorse the utility of this resource);

3. Storyboard. For help with this option, see Storyboarding (I do not endorse the utility of this resource);

4. If you are using Keynote, then you should “export” the file to PDF.

Note: All students enrolled at CCC have access to a free download of MS Office products, including PowerPoint, through your CCC student account.

The PowerPoint should include the following:

5. Introduction, which should include an overview of the topic select and some compelling information about the topic in order to demonstrate the topic’s importance to the reader and the author.

6. Persuasive/Argumentative Thesis Statement, which should include a “claim” and at least three reasons (“grounds”) that this claim is true, e.g., Corporal punishment in Apple Valley, Vermont public secondary schools should be outlawed because it violates numerous local and state laws; it violates the human rights of the students; and, there are better means of punishing students for inappropriate behavior. (Note: The highlighted section is the thesis; the underlined statements are the grounds/three supports the entire statement is a complex and complete thesis statement.)

7. Discussion of the evidence that connects the (at least) three reasons/grounds from information found from your sources.

8. Conclusion, which includes statements that confirm that the thesis was proved by the evidence presented; advances new ideas related to the topic that can be explored by subsequent studies; and, makes “calls to action” as appropriate to the topic selected.

Note: Your presentation will not be narrated by you your peers and I will read it on screen. So, you need to make sure to include enough detail within the presentation to help your audience understand your claims, evidence and conclusion.

Other than the above elements, how the PowerPoint is presented in appearance and organization is up to each individual I encourage each student to be comprehensive in his/her coverage of the selected topic as well as to use images as appropriate and to not crowd too much text on any one slide. It’s usually better to use another slide, rather than crowd one slide.