Police Safety While living In Your Van Or Car

This casual presentation is for a Black Vanlife meetup in the southern United States. People who are attending want to be entertained. We are here to mix that up. People who live in vans, especially black and brown people have to deal with a large sum of fear and anxiety when getting pulled over by police.

Introduce statistics and charts on police brutality on Black and Brown American DRIVERS. You should also add general statistics associated with police brutality. Include and cover laws and rights associated with police policy and abuse of power.

Cover how police violate the rights of driving citizens and include at least five FEDERAL laws that police most likely break. Include five STATE laws they often use to justify behavior during traffic stops.

Include the most likely reasons to get pulled over by race and include three charts and statistics. Provide the best ways to go about interacting with police.

Elaborate on the three types of police interactions; consensual, investigative detention, and arrest, as well as their most appropriate ways to handle those interactions. Include rights to assert you denial of search, seisure, of identification. Include chart with states that have requirements to show ID in public simply because police asks.

Also, include Georgia laws pertaining to citizens arrest and laws to film the police. Include safe ways to assert your 1st, 4th, and 5th amendment rights pertaining to traffic stops.

Include statutes, regulations, policies, and laws that make it difficult for drivers to safely assert their rights. Also include driving laws that deliberately violate our constitutional rights. Include significant supreme court cases relevant to traffic stops in America.

Include popular instances promoted by the media where the rights of black motorists have been violated. Include three cases where black motorists in history and in modern times where they were arrested or killed unlawfully. Include information on how to pursue justice from police brutality or other injustice.

Include information about requesting a Seargent when in a traffic stop and how to talk to them. Include general information on how to safely and successfully file a report on an officer including back doors to hold police and their departments accountable.

Include historical information about expunging police records and reports of bad behavior. Include info on recent pushes for police reforms and backlash by police supports on why its not needed.

Please include in-text citations