Pofessional nursing

Discuss three (3) characteristics of the profession of nursing.
Identify how these characteristics are incorporated or should be incorporated in the nursing role.
Identify three (3) barriers to professionalism in nursing and strategies to overcome these barriers.

Section 3: (30pts)

Discuss two (2) of the recommendations of the Institute of Medicine regarding transforming nursing education. Why are these important
Discuss the value of life-long learning and how this will impact your nursing role. This section should include your vision for yourself as a nurse in 5 years. (This is the only section that may be written in 1st person.)

Writing: (30 pts)

Paper is clearly written; ideas are logical and the paper is well organized.
Grammar, spelling, sentence structure, and punctuation are correct.

Paper Format: (30 pts)

APA Format (include title page, bold headings throughout, in-text citations, reference page, introduction and conclusion, Times New Roman Font 12, color black and double spaced)
Length- minimum of 4 pages and maximum of 6 pages (not including title and reference page).
A minimum of 4 scholarly references.