Pocahontas and the challenge of Jamestown colony

For the final Portfolio Project, option #1, write a paper about a person in a period of United States history from exploration to 1877, and explain a challenge the person faced, what that challenge was, and how the person did or did not overcome the challenge.
Do not write a complete biography of the persons life.
Focus on a challenge faced by the person.
Describe the historical, social, governmental or personal circumstances of the challenge.
Explain how the person interacted with the challenge.
o Did the person meet the challenge and succeed?
o Did the challenge defeat the person?
o Explain the resolution of the challenge. Was it resolved? Did it continue?
o Does the challenge the person faced continue to challenge American society today? Explain how so or why the challenge no longer exists.
This paper must include a discussion of the following topics:
a thorough summary of the event including the incidents that took place and the key individuals involved;
the importance of the event in the scheme of U.S. history; and
the impact of the event, person, or time in U.S. History.
Use at least five sources, one primary source and a scholarly journal article.