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Special Interest Literature Review Assignment

During the course, you are being introduced to the importance of reading and staying current on professional and research literature. The BVU Counseling Program will emphasize integrating research into clinical practice, and the intention is that you will strive to stay informed throughout your career.

This assignment is designed to:

engage students in focused review of the professional literature.
encourage exploration of topics of interest.
facilitate scholarly writing.
Literature Review (60 points): To complete this assignment, select a topic of interest. Learn more about the topic through reading at least three scholarly, peer-reviewed journal articles. Then, write a 3-5 page literature review paper. The paper must be APA Style, 6th Edition (Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association) typed & double-spaced, cover page, running head, page numbers. You are encouraged to consult with the instructor if you need any assistance determining a topic.