Personality Psychology Research Paper

This is more or less a straight-up research paper. Choose a topic from the class that interests you, and write a research paper. It is unlikely this paper can be done adequately in less than five pages. It must have 3 peer-reviewed sources or more, though non-peer reviewed sources may count if relevant (e.g., to give an example of how popular a construct is) or for the broad background. You are encouraged to use more than those three. Citations using APA style are required for full credit. You are more than encouraged to bring a draft to the Instructor or TA to have it proofread.

The goal is to have you examine some of the literature that interests you a bit closer and see what kind of recent research has been taking place.

Choose articles that are no older than 10 years old if at all possible. Do not use dissertations or theses. Books can be referenced, but are discouraged (they are not peer-reviewed).
Topics should be as specific as possible to make your job easier. For example, avoid a broad topic like extraversion, and more like the neural correlates of self-esteem, or specific, The use of the IAT in assessing neuroticism.
Double spaced, Spell checked, 1 inch margins, Times New Roman. No cover page needed. Spelling and grammar count.
Preliminary Grading Scheme:

5 pts.: Three peer-reviewed articles 10 years old (unless there are no other ones available and you are really, really into the topic).
5 pts: Grammar, spelling, punctuation, etc. are flawless or near flawless.
10 pts: Topic is relevant, doable, and researched. Assignment is taken seriously
10 pts: Findings are presented appropriately and sufficient information is presented. An educated reader would understand what the topic is, what the findings were, etc.