Final Paper: Throughout this course, you will learn multiple approaches to Personality. For the final paper, you will analyze the personality of your favorite TV or movie character. You will take a first person approach (i.e. you pretend to be the character taking the personality assessment) and fill out at least two personality assessment that will be provided. Your paper should be written with 12-point font, double-spaced, 5-8 pages in length, and submitted through Blackboard. No specific citation format is required (i.e., APA or MLA). There is no specific rubric for this paper, but you will be graded on :
1. How well you answer the three questions listed below.
2. Grammar and spelling; logical transitions between ideas
3. Evidence to back up your arguments from the textbook or other sources
In your paper you should address the following points:
1) Discuss some of the background theory of the personality assessment that you took to assess your character. Give a brief explanation of the assessment that you used and include the major theories associated with it.
2) Considering what weve learned about assessment and research methods, what do you identify as the strengths and weaknesses of your assessment? (e.g. reliability and validity)
Based on the characters personality, describe a career that you think would suit your character (i.e. Aang from Avatar: The Last Airbender would make a great car salesman because he is extroverted).
Here are the personality tests (choose two).