For the reference section: Ill send you a link with an example
-Citation: the citation of the source has to be in CSE name-year format ( use the CSE guidelines)
-Summary: After you read the abstract for the paper, write 1-2 summary statements or bullet points of why the article might be useful for understanding urban ecology or specific wildlife ecology background, variables, methods, comparable results , etc ( this section is for the summary-reference section) you will understand better if you see the link with the example.
we just need articles as references and we have to look this articles only here: Google Scholar Database and or the Web of Science database. I only need 2 articles in the reference section for now, and this are references that going to be used when we write the term paper
My research question: How does species richness compare between natural parks and man-made parks given the difference in human activities?
-Site#35 – Cottonwood Park
This Is an outlining for my term paper so it is very important
-the document has to be upload in a word doc