nonverbal communication

This assignment, focuses attention on your non-verbal cues. Most people are unaware of most of them. For this assignment, you will look at the ones you are aware of and ask others (family, co-workers and/or friends) about ones they notice

The Assignment
Can you identify one non-verbal cue you do on purpose and indicate why and for what purpose. Does it accomplish what you intend it to accomplish? You may also want to ask someone about something you do frequently that you may be unaware of. Also look at what you own and wear (when not in uniform). What messages do they send? Is this the message you intend?

Your paper should be about the nonverbal messages that you are sending. Are they being interpreted the way you intend and what does the research say about the effect of non-verbal messages especially as they apply to you.

Grading Criteria

For all responses now, you are required to turn in a paper in APA format with examples to support your points. This paper should include a reference page with a minimum of 2 academic sources. These sources should also be used in your response as in-text citations as further support for the points you are making. You need to save the paper as a document in .rtf .pdf .doc or .docx format and attach it. Check for spelling and grammar before submitting. Consult the following links for the basics on the reference page and in-text citations.