Narrative Essay Reading Response Discussion Topic

Review course notes on What Narrative Writing Is, paying special attention to the Key Takeaways.

Carefully read the sample narrative essay. on

For your original post, craft a response of at least 100 words that:

identifies at least three ways in which the sample essay demonstrates the key takeaways of narrative writing. Point to specific parts of the essay, quoting for support
identifies, based on your pathway/career interest, which prompt you have selected and
based on prewriting you have completed for your narrative essay, include here your tentative thesis. Remember that for narrative essays, the thesis typically references the event(s) in question + previews significance. For example, the thesis in the sample essay reads: “”I knew [learning English] would be challenging, but I had to be patient in order adapt swiftly to this new chapter of my life.” Consult corresponding course content and a resource like Narrative Essay.
Read through your peers’ posts. Select one peer who was not yet received a response.

For your peer response, craft a response of at least 100 words that engages in conversation. For example, discuss your peer’s tentative thesis, how your evaluations of the narrative essay diverge or overlap. Also discuss what you have learned from the sample essay that you will apply to your own narrative essay draft. This is also a good opportunity to raise any concerns you yourself may have about your own draft.